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ASCC – Slot.it slot car setup : Part #2 – Motor Break-in

This video is part #2/7 of a series that describe how to setup / tune-up a Slot.it slot car for the Austin Slot Car Club track. Only Slot.it parts are used t…

24 Responses to ASCC – Slot.it slot car setup : Part #2 – Motor Break-in

  1. Avatar Super Joe
    Super Joe says:

    Thanks for the 411… No wonder some many Pros’s get the Head’s Up on the
    Bunch of us in the Bunch… :-) ?

  2. Avatar Graham Lane
    Graham Lane says:

    I run my motors in using the motor pod and back axle assembly. This helps
    polish the axle in the bearings, and also runs in the gears too. I dab a
    tiny bit of toothpaste on my gears for this which helps to bed them in.
    Once done and cleaned I use teflon-impregnated lubricant for mountain bike
    chains. It dries on the gears and they run almost silently.?

  3. Avatar Graham Lane
    Graham Lane says:

    In Italy we’re not allowed to open the motor, so no changing the brushes or
    cleaning the commutator. Most of the guys at my club tape over the can
    holes to stop rubber dust getting in. However, this also keeps any brush
    dust IN the motor. I guess finer dust better than chunks of rubber. An
    occasional clean in water seems to be answer. Using alcohol mixed with
    water is something new to me. I’ve also ordered one of those tachometers.
    Great value. Thanks.?


    Mate your a champ. I built an inline Mazda 787B for a 3 Hour Group C
    endurance race, that was held at my local club track in Australia. I copied
    your build step by step, apart from tyres and rims. We race on a routed
    timber track with a raw Ferador surface, so f22s seem too work best. I also
    found by using the holed and chanelled rims from Slot-it, the cars just
    glide over the track, while reducing tyre wear. I thank u because i beat
    the track owners by 45 laps, by the end of the race. Cheers.

  5. Avatar Austin Slot Car Club
    Austin Slot Car Club says:

    Wow, 45 laps after 3 hours is a huge lead, congratulations. I’m pretty sure
    you did most of the work driving the car but I’m happy you believe the
    videos helped – that was the idea; thanks for the words of encouragement.

  6. Avatar Austin Slot Car Club
    Austin Slot Car Club says:

    On those types of power supply, when you want to regulate voltage, the
    amperage is set to max. The load will only draw the necessary amperage,
    about 200mA at 4 volts in the example; 400 mA when submerged.

  7. Avatar SlotCarSuperstar
    SlotCarSuperstar says:

    How do I break in a closed can motor? (Fly 18K motor) Great Video by the
    way… Thank you!

  8. Avatar dlbii1970
    dlbii1970 says:

    Hello what kind of power supply do you use? Does it have variable amps to?
    I enjoyed watching your video’s keep them coming.

  9. Avatar cypherxxx83
    cypherxxx83 says:

    Also the slits on the commutator can be folded inward with a ball point
    pin, that way you’re brushes don’t chew up your com when your brushes get
    lower and lower. Ball point pin works best, rather then a zxacto knife

  10. Avatar bobbymalta73
    bobbymalta73 says:

    Hello i have to break in my scalextric 18k motor,how many time i must leave
    running the motor?..Cheers keep it up!

  11. Avatar Austin Slot Car Club
    Austin Slot Car Club says:

    Hi, the procedure would be the same. If you have a closed can motor with
    covered vents, you could cut a small slit to allow the fluid and brush
    shavings to fall through.

  12. Avatar Austin Slot Car Club
    Austin Slot Car Club says:

    It is about 1.5 inches in diameter, the center hole is 2mm. That wheel is
    an RC helicopter flywheel that I covered with a thin plastic sheet and
    painted black – maybe you can find something similar in your local hobby

  13. Avatar TheShownv
    TheShownv says:

    do you have all the information on your videos in written format? as this
    would be most useful

  14. Avatar cypherxxx83
    cypherxxx83 says:

    Run for 10 minutes and see what the arc looks like while it runs. To much
    arc then the brushes are junk. Low arch and you’re all set. After the break
    in Ill throw the armature on the lathe and shave the com down, run for 5
    minutes and make sure the brushes are good with low arch. And get ready to
    race! Thanks for the tips!

  15. Avatar cypherxxx83
    cypherxxx83 says:

    I’ve raced R/C cars competitively for years, and just getting into slot car
    racing to keep me busy. Motors are very similar but to break a motor in you
    don’t need 30 minutes to an hour to break it in. 10 minutes should be good.
    If you’re doing the water trick, 10 minutes are all that you need. If the
    brushes get 2 wet, you’ll loose good contact with the com and will need to
    buy new brushes and repeat this all over. When I break a motor in, I’ll put
    a drop or two of com drops on the comm,

  16. Avatar Brutal Brandon
    Brutal Brandon says:

    The part number is EFLH1243 Inner Shaft Main Gear BCX. $3.49 @ Hobby Town
    in Austin TX.

  17. Avatar Austin Slot Car Club
    Austin Slot Car Club says:

    Hi, not the same car or instructions but very similar:

  18. Avatar bobbymalta73
    bobbymalta73 says:

    Ok thks for your reply,keep it up!

  19. Avatar bobbymalta73
    bobbymalta73 says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  20. Avatar bobbymalta73
    bobbymalta73 says:

    Cheers mate Thks for your imediate reply,keep it up with your uploads!

  21. Avatar Austin Slot Car Club
    Austin Slot Car Club says:

    The Power Supply brand is Leader, the model is 718-20D, I would recommend
    it to anyone but it has been discontinued. It has adjustable amperage from
    0-20 & voltage from 0-18.

  22. Avatar dlbii1970
    dlbii1970 says:

    Thanks for the help when you are breaking in a motor at 4 volts how many
    amps do you have it set at and thanks for the info.

  23. Avatar bobbymalta73
    bobbymalta73 says:

    Hello,what`s the size of that wheel?

  24. Avatar Austin Slot Car Club
    Austin Slot Car Club says:

    Same as shown in the video: 45 min to 1 hour @ 4 volts; 3 minutes in the
    water/alcohol mixture after.