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Does anyone know a lot about Harley Davidson Bikes?

My mom wants me to help her with selling her 2004 Harley-Davidson FXDL Dyna Low Rider on the internet, I dont know anything about motorcycles and she doesnt know exactly what she has on it so I cant place the ad. Does anyone know what is standard on the bike? She also said that she put chrome on it, the kickstand and the handle bars and something else. Can someone help me PLEASE!

5 Responses to Does anyone know a lot about Harley Davidson Bikes?

  1. Just post pictures of it, along with the asking price. She must have some idea of what she spent on it, even if she didn’t keep the receipts.

  2. Avatar -Voice of Reason-
    -Voice of Reason- says:

    If you take it to a dealer they will give you about $7200 for it unless it has really high mileage. If you sell it on your own, you can prolly get $9100 for it. Anything you have done to a bike (chrome, pipes, etc) is for yourself, never adds to resale value.

  3. Avatar Polar Bear
    Polar Bear says:

    Go to KBB(kelly blue book) and estimate the value on the bike by entering the criteria it asks for….

    Right here before Christmas, and with the onset of winter right now is about the WORST time to sell a bike. If you can, hold out until spring when everyone wants a bike and there’s a more than likely chance you can sell it right quick.

    (remember: buy water skis and motorcycles in winter,… wood stoves and propane stock in the summer)

    this answer would pretty much apply to any bike

  4. Avatar ninebadthings
    ninebadthings says:

    Just search craigs list and cycle trader.com for the same year and model bike. Then price yours 5% lower than the lowest priced one. Sorry but the market on used harleys is falling fast, get ahead of the ball or go for a long ride down.

  5. Extras on the bike help sell the bike but do not increase the value. Do not go by KBB or NADA, these are insurance company guides for value. Take a look at E-bay listings. Look at current and closed listings for your exact bike or as close as you can get to your bike. This is a true gauge as to what people are selling and buying your bike for. Remember…it’s only cold in the north. People down south ride all year.