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i have a 1970s harley davidson dirt bike, looks like a 125, need info or pics of this bike.?

this seems to be an enduro bike built in the amf years. two rear sprockets. seems to be a two stroke engine. would like to restore need help finding parts. thank you

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  1. and this is a racing question how?

  2. Avatar carmichael
    carmichael says:

    a friend of mine still has his 125 harley enduro bike in bits but all there waiting to b rebuilt did hav a pic of it but couldnt find it i found similar one on this link although im pretty sure urs will hav mudguard lower than this one.. ill go see friend sometime this week as i know he has a workshop manual that maybe he could photo copy to help keep in touch and ill see wot i can do as for parts he may hav some or know where to find them email me at carmichael_1971@yahoo.co.uk oh and heres link..http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1975-Harley-SX-175-dirt-bike-Aermachhi_W0QQitemZ120122976721QQihZ002QQcategoryZ6707QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

  3. do you want to sell it?

  4. Avatar guardrailjim
    guardrailjim says:

    Harley Davidson “Rapido”
    I tried to get parts for one at a Harley shop.
    The rude bastards laughed me out of the shop.

    Pictures -
    Rapido for sale – http://www.mcmart.com/mall/mc_hd_sale.htm
    Parts – http://www.jwboon.com/index2.php?content=http%3A//www.jwboon.com/dbhtml/catalog/Bool_OR/Fits_Rapido%2520ML%2520MLS/Selection_exhaust
    Do a web search for “harley davidson rapido” – there are lots of sites. I saw a lot on e-bay. The sites will direct you there.
    Show me a picture when you get it done.
    Good luck

  5. Avatar ade_xerin
    ade_xerin says:

    if u wanna to sell it i think i want. plzz email me if u want to sell it