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Open DC motor — school project

School Project Here we have an open DC motor with permanent magnet for the field. An old armature from a faulty hedge trimmer was used As it was for a school…

25 Responses to Open DC motor — school project

  1. Avatar Electrotechnics
    Electrotechnics says:

    I am going to try this with a large dc motor that I have it is 36v at
    unknown amps (because idiot trespassers used the vehical it came out of as
    a shooting target and a large slug made two 1 1/2 inch holes through the
    thick steel body of the vehical and grazed the tag on the motor so half of
    it is gone) but it is rated for a fair few. ?

  2. Avatar Ryan Malin
    Ryan Malin says:

    did you epoxy the bearings or just put some clay??

  3. Avatar davidrobert2007
    davidrobert2007 says:

    This is cool – I plan to do something similar, except the motor will not
    survive the video lol. Liked!

  4. Avatar tribalmasters
    tribalmasters says:

    Great video! I have learnt so much thanks to videos like these :)

  5. That is actually how the first electronic sirens worked.

  6. Avatar alex993cc1
    alex993cc1 says:

    well done man! good little demo model!

  7. Avatar Alessandro Nilsen
    Alessandro Nilsen says:

    very cool!!!

  8. Looks like the inside of a treadmill motor

  9. Avatar fairyheli2
    fairyheli2 says:

    I have a lot of universal motors lying around, I might do this.

  10. Very educational!

  11. Avatar onetwofive varma
    onetwofive varma says:

    Just in case IF you didn’t know: Sparks will decrease the efficiency of
    your motor! There is an easy solution for getting ride of the sparks. You
    just need to find the neutral points and connect your brushes to those
    points. Its easy, just manually change the place of brushes until you find
    them :) Have a great day and thanks for uploading this vid :)

  12. I wish I was lucky enough to know someone close to me in electrical. I am
    so interested in the field I have to find out things for myself, so those
    tricky questions are hard to get an answer to. But I have to thank you
    RODALCO2007, Photon, Aussie50 and everyone else for their generosity in
    helping me and others in need. Thank you for the free educational
    entertainment we all love to find every time we open our YouTube homepage :) Cheers, itsdglad4 and other YouTube viewers (like if you agree).

  13. Avatar jrcstudios
    jrcstudios says:

    That’s cheating! You should build the armature from scratch too!

  14. Avatar TheColinputer
    TheColinputer says:

    Nice set up. Nice and simple and just works. I was about to ask what the
    speaker was for but you cleared that up haha :P I have the same cordless
    phone that can be seen from 01.39-02.05 lol

  15. Avatar RODALCO2007
    RODALCO2007 says:

    Great idea, will do that in a future video.

  16. Avatar RODALCO2007
    RODALCO2007 says:

    Yes correct, that is why on large DC motors inter-pole windings are
    sometimes used. This set up was to show an open armature working , and a
    few sparks were part of the project, as the copper strips were not
    perfectly aligned.

  17. Avatar DonaldDuck400
    DonaldDuck400 says:

    Very good

  18. Avatar rattytatt521
    rattytatt521 says:

    Very impressive :) on a side note a thing that bugs me that an

  19. Avatar RODALCO2007
    RODALCO2007 says:

    It was the first place for this science project.

  20. Avatar wiresalot
    wiresalot says:

    Good job RODALCO!

  21. Avatar Alex Zoka
    Alex Zoka says:

    Keith makes the worst motors ever.

  22. Avatar Paul Roberts
    Paul Roberts says:

    Cool – we never got to do interesting stuff like that when I was at school.

  23. Avatar RODALCO2007
    RODALCO2007 says:

    No, too heavy and not allowed. I wire a fuse in series with one off the
    battery leads in case of some kid decided to short the battery out, and
    burn its hands on the melting leads.

  24. Avatar Murdoch493
    Murdoch493 says:

    Perfect demonstration

  25. Avatar RODALCO2007
    RODALCO2007 says:

    My kids show some interest, although not always to be honest. probably
    because I am always experimenting with electricity in my spare time. This
    project was for a very good friend of my daughter who needed some help, so
    I made this up for in the class.